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Refrigerator Maintenance

There are many issues that can affect your refrigerator. The most common are:

• It constantly needs cleaning.
• It is constantly running with no break.
• It isn't making ice.
• Water isn't flowing through it.
• Your food is constantly spoiling because your refrigerator is no longer able to keep it cool.

We are specially qualified to perform complete maintenance service on your residential or commercial refrigerator. The first thing you need to realize is that your refrigerator should not be running at full blast all through the day and night. In order to put a stop to this constant running so that it can get the rest it needs, we will perform the following services on your behalf:

• We will make a complete and thorough check of every single component. This will ensure that everything is running exactly the way that it should be. If any part is malfunctioning, we will quickly replace it with the best quality new part.

• We clean/vacuum and wipe the fan. This is especially important because fan’s do tend to get clogged up after continuous use.

This is all the more true if you have pets in the house. A thorough cleaning will give them a much longer life span.

One of the biggest problems that your refrigerator will face over time is build up from minerals in the water that runs through it. This mineral build up will slowly corrode all of your parts.

Our solution is a simple but effective one. We will wipe every part completely. While doing so, we will search for any hidden condensation issues. This is a sure sign that your refrigerator is not working in the proper manner. We will correct the issue and replace any parts that have been compromised.

Next, we will check all of the hoses to make sure that none of them are broken, leaking, or clogged. This is necessary in order to prevent water build up that can cause serious damage to your refrigerator, resulting in poor efficiency and spoiled food.

Finally, we will give it a thorough clean up from top to bottom. Once we wipe it down and give it a good polish, all of the spills and odors will magically disappear. We guarantee that by the time we are through with it, your refrigerator will perform like a brand-new appliance.

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